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Seerah episode 22: Muhammad the Family Man & Renovation of the Ka’bah. June 14, 2014

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— After Muhammad’s (saw) marriage to Khadijah, there are no major events for 10 years. Why is there no record of what happened during these time?

  • From the age of 25 to 35, there’s not a lot major events in Muhammad’s life
  • That’s not to say absolutely nothing happened
    • This was the first 10 years of his marriage. He built a life with Khadijah. The majority of their children were born in this period
    • The Prophet said, “The best amongst you is the one who is the best to his family. And I am the best to my family.” He was taking care of his family during these time. We can assume this because we have seen narrations on how he treated his family after he received revelation and he became prophet:
      • The Prophet would offer the fard prayers in the masjid, & then go back home to pray the sunnah prayers with his family
      • After Salaat-al-Asr, he would go to visit the houses of his wives
      • One of his sunnah was that he would nap in the afternoon in house with his family. So we can see how he is very close with his family.

— During the Medinan years, the Prophet was not just an imam & a prophet, but he’s also the head of state – he’s running the entire Muslim state

  • He’d still go home & pray & spend time with his family


Story of Kaabah

— Ka’bah, the Baytullah, was pretty much starting to fall apart after so many years; There were lots of wear and tear over the years

  • Back in those days, the Ka’bah was 6-7 arms’ length (6-7 meters)
    • Nowadays, it’s 3 times that size
    • The door of the Ka’bah was basically at ground’s length at the time (very low), people can easily walked in.
  • But, there’s story on how the Ka’bah had been broken into.
    • Because all of Arabia considered the Baytullah to be very sacred, nobody would dare violate it. Whatever public fund the people had (gold, silver, other valuables), they would place it inside the Ka’bah because it was considered safe (why would anyone violate a sacred place?)
    • The thieves looted the goods inside the Ka’bah
    • Therefore, the Makkan need to think of something to evade this from becoming in the future. To make Kaabah harder to access to.
  • There’s another reason for the renovation of Kaabah: During that time, Makkah had several  heavy rainstorms. Makkah had started to flood
    • The walls of the Ka’bah had severe water damage, causing them to erode

— They have to tear down the Ka’bah for the full renovation

  • There was a problem – because the Ka’bah is such a sacred placed & because people were very superstitious idol-worshipping people, they were reluctant to tear down such a holy place
    • They were worried that if they tore down the Ka’bah, even if it was to put it back together, they would be punished by the idols
    • So people just discussed the matter of tearing down & rebuilding the Ka’bah, but nobody actually did anything. They simply talked because they were too afraid of the possible consequences of tearing down the Ka’bah

— Finally, the maternal uncle of Abdullah (father of Muhammad) was Muhammad’s great-uncle. He stood up & said, “I’m gonna get this renovation started.” He grabbed one of the stones of the wall of the Ka’bah & removed it from its place

  • When he removed the stone from its place & placed it into the ground, the stone flew & lodges back into its place
    • People are already very nervous about reconstructing the Ka’bah, so when they see the stone literally fly & lodge itself back, people freak out
  • The Quraysh took this as a sign from the Raab of this Bayt that they need to approach the renovation carefully
    • They decide not to tear the Ka’bah down all at once. They’re going to reconstruct it piece at a time. They will take one wall down & fix it. Then they’ll take down another wall & fix it, one at a time
    • This stone flying back to its place is a sign that only pure money can be put into the reconstruction of the Ka’bah
      • This is important because a huge stream of their money was coming from questionable income – prostitution, selling wine, usury, interest, gambling, etc. (haraam income)
      • “We need to put only pure wealth into this reconstruction of the Ka’bah. There should be no hint of the effects of alcohol, gambling, ribaa, etc. and we’re going to invest that into the Ka’bah.”
      • This shows even the Musyrikeen had sense of what is halal and haram. But it is shameful that we now use masjids as place to ‘clean’ our money. We got money from questionable income and later we dumped the money into masjids thinking that it would clean it.

— There was an abandoned & boarded-up well near the Ka’bah (not Zamzam)

  • A huge serpent burst out of that well & circled the Ka’bah. It was going up & down the walls of the Ka’bah. The snake had a black head, black body, and a white underbelly
    • It would  hiss at anyone who would come near it & open its mouth at the person
  • This was another sign for the mushrikoon on being careful in regards to the reconstruction of the Ka’bah
  • The snake later receded, after the Quraysh made a pact on putting only pure wealth into the Ka’bah
    • Another narration says that a huge bird, a condor, swooped in & flew away with the snake in its claws

— A fight broke out – which family will renovate the Ka’bah?

  • Banu Adi, Banu Kilad, Banu Hashim were the major families in Makkah
  • They’d take blood oaths (cut themselves & leave a bloody handprint on the Ka’bah) “We swear by this house, that WE will be the ones to restore this House.”
  • Banu Adi & Banu Kilad ally up. “Banu Hashim are the big dogs. Why don’t we ally together & defeat them? Then WE will get to fix the Ka’bah.”

— One of the senior leaders of Makkah, Walid bin Mughira said, “We’re all going to do this together.”

  • “Each family will be given a portion of the Ka’bah that they will reconstruct. That way, everyone has a stake.”
    • Side with the door  – Banu Abd Munaf & Banu Zuhra
    • Between Al Hajirul Aswaad & Ruqnul Yemeni – Banu Makhzun
    • Backside (opposite side of door of the Ka’bah – dahrul Ka’bah) – Banu Jummah & Banu Saham
    • Side of Hijaar (where the hateem is – original part of Ka’bah, a U shaped part) – Banu Adeeb bin Ka’bah

— Now everybody’s happy, because everybody gets to take a part in the renovation, but they’re back in Square 1

  • They’re still freaked out with the stone & snake incidents
  • One tribe would say to other, “Alright, Bismillah, you go ahead & get started.”
  • “No, Bismillah you get started,” the other tribes would reply
  • They’re all holding the door open for each other, very courteous Masha Allah.
    • “No, no, brother, you go ahead, Bismillah.”
    • “No, no, you go ahead!”
    • “No, please you first.”
  • Just a while ago they were taking blood oaths & ready to bust some skulls to get to be able to renovate the Ka’bah, but nobody dared to start first.

— Walid goes, “Oof, I’ll start.”

  • He takes a hammer/axe & breaks a chunk of wall & starts to break it down
  • This takes place in the evening. The entire day spent trying to get the other tribe to start reconstruction
    • “No, you go.”
    • “No, you go!”
    • “I have to go to the restroom real quick. You go ahead get started.”
    • “Oh! It’s lunchtime, subhanAllah. We gotta have lunch now.”
  • They’ve been making excuses all day long, & Walid was finally frustrated enough to get a hammer & start
    • When tearing down the first part of the Ka’bah, Walid talks to Allah: “We don’t mean any offense by what we are doing. We only want to better this Ka’bah.”

— It doesn’t take long to get dark, so Walid didn’t go far with the first step of renovation

  • Now everyone decides, “Let’s see what happens tonight, because if something bad happens we’ll forgo this construction business.”
  • Morning comes. The very first person who shows up for construction is Walid bin Mughira. He’s fine, he’s healthy, & excited to resume
  • Everyone sees that nothing bad happened to Walid, so they now feel comfortable enough to start construction

— After they tear down the wall & get to the base of the wall, they reach the foundation where Ibrahim (as) laid the very first base (the asaas of Ibrahim)

  • The asaas contained green-colored rocks, with jagged & rough edges (like jagged teeth). The rocks weren’t laid down straight; they were all pushed up against each other
    • Ibrahim didn’t have access to neat straight bricks, so he took whatever rocks he could find & started to piece them together
  • This foundation was really solid, settled into the earth. They couldn’t budge the rocks. Therefore they decide to build on top of it

— A man came, bringing an iron rod tool, “I’m gonna fix this.”

  • He jams it in the foundation, trying to crack it out of place
  • As soon as he does that, the entire earth in Makkah shook, like a warning earthquake
  • As soon as Makkah shook, people say, “Listen, take it easy, guy. Let’s not do that again.”
    • “This is the Bayt of the Raab, we should not disturb the foundation.” So they leave it at that.


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