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Gangnam style September 30, 2012

Filed under: Diary,Interesting,Monolog — visitor74 @ 3:02 pm

Let it be known that currently its the time of gangnam style song and dance. This thing started in Korea and I don’t know when it would end. I’m sure it’s going to end eventually with the coming of a new style. But the guy that started it surely is happy as shit and singin to the bank this moment. He got the fame and anything that he will do anytime soon will have a cult following.

Now one of my vice is dance. I just love dancing and watching people dance. This gangnam style dance is pretty stupid if you asked me but it sure is easy to follow and that’s why it’s a hit. It’s stupid but endearing, for sure.

Well, a lot of Malaysian are taken by it and there’s been a huge hue and cry over it. During the raya holiday a few weeks ago, there’s a lot of people that uploaded the videos in YouTube. You can search it on your own. You can’t missed it. There’s this family that is so cool that the whole family joined in to dance to the song. It’s just so cool.

But the dance has a bit beastiality innuendo in it that I don’t think that it is appropriate for the young ones. I hope it will die soon.


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