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The Confession by John Grisham June 1, 2012

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John Grisham has never failed me yet. Except that one time when he decided to delve into non-fiction. That one was a bore.

Legal world has never been as interesting as what he portrayed. This is a sad story. About an innocent man that has to stayed in prison for 8 years and latter death sentenced for a crime he never committed. A girl, Nicole got kidnapped, raped and killed and he goes to the same school with Drumm. The police and prosecutor felt the need to find a scapegoat and someone suggested Drumm. Initially, he claimed innocence, but the police, after hours of interrogation, ‘suggested’ to him that he might killed her and he confessed. This is disturbing. You hear this kind of things all the time. The police can do a lot of things to entice and coaxes you to confess. It is sad because they are looking for the truth, but just a blame on someone. This is because the public wants a closure on something so that they can get on with their lives. This puts pressure on the police and prosecutors.

The actual killer, later, on the last days of the executions, came forward to confess to a priest. He suddenly develop conscience and wanted to set the things straight.

This is the story on how the legal machinery and works to release Drumm and failed. At the last minute, because of the legal Goliath doesn’t care much about the innocence of someone.

Very interesting read. I was really hoping that Drumm would be released and he got to meet his families again. But it’s never to be. He died with lethal injection and his family lost him for good. But at the end, it felt good when the lawyers got to chased after those people that put Drumm in prison and made their life a hell.


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