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Black Swan March 26, 2012

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 3:28 pm

okay, so I like dance movie. but I have to clarify that ballet is not one of em. I can’t see what’s the fuss with this movie. I know that it has won oscars and stuff like that. Clearly it shows how shallow my movie skills are. Am I so darf that I would be only able to enjoy movie with pure adrenaline actions? Not very intellectual of me.

This movie is about a character which so into ballet that when she got the part of the main character of the play called ‘Black Swan’, she just go bonkers. I mean, this is the time that she needs to shine, but she clearly cannot handle it. I mean, I can understand that she wants that badly. Cause if not, she would just be the other girls which just danced around her, and no one would notice, unless of course, if you made a mistake and not in sync with all the other girls that danced JUST like you! To think that people would only notice you if you made mistake and not the other way around.

So I read that Natalie Portman danced herself, most of time, so kudos to her. She looked good dancing. Winona Ryder on the other hand, probably has lost lustre, because she just got small part only. And not very nice part at that.

Nina has an overbearing mom which dotted on her. She wants to know everything that Nina does. She was a dancer before but she didn’t made it because she had Nina. So she transferred the dreams and her focus on dancing to Nina. Life as ballet dancer is so not nice at all. It’s all dance, dance and dance. And all the preparation that needed to be done. I hope those that are doing it, really loves doing it.

Natalie looks scary in this picture


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