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Green Lantern – Movie June 27, 2011

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 12:26 am

Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t see this movie because I’m a fan of Green Lantern. I barely know the comic. Not a comic fan myself, and this Green Lantern is a bit obscure for me.  Coz you know Superman and Spiderman, but Green Lantern? hmm, a bit out of my league.

I watch because I like Ryan Reynolds. I think that he always have the best of lines in his movie dialogue and he managed to make his character very interesting. Funny interesting. Not somebody with a stick up his ass or something like that. He’s cool, that’s what I’m trying to say. And in this movie, he does have nice lines. I even shrieked a laugh myself, with one of his lines. don’t think anybody else notice that line, though.

Storywise, it’s too out-of-this-world for me. Iron Man, for example, seems logic, you just have to find the right technology. But this one is too far out. far out….

One thing to learn? you have to conquer your fear. Fear will always be there, you can’t eliminate it. But you have to face it head on.




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