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Bootcamp on iPhone June 12, 2011

Filed under: workout — visitor74 @ 10:25 pm


Though generally my workout involves a lot of weight lifting at the gym these days, i try to incorporate cardio exercise at home. I like interval training compared to a boring jogging for example. I need guidance for this, thus the app Bootcamp helps a lot.
Generally bootcamp exercise is done in group, involving a fierce trainer and early morning workout. In this case, i got only a puny iphone that tells me what to do and i chiose when i do the workout. It also gives encouragement to me.

Usually the workouts is around 23 minutes with high intensity workout. Not for the weak at heart. This is where you are supposed to push yourself to the limit. A lot of sweats are inevitable.

Great app. Just hope that they would update their workouts soon. Getting bored with these ones.


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