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Social Network – The Facebook movie December 12, 2010

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Now, I’m sure that everyone reading this has a facebook account. These days, even toddlers have facebook account, set up by their parents. really. really troubling as well.

I have always like Facebook. There were times when even I don’t know of it’s existing. Somebody was telling me: “and you say that you’re in the IT industry, and you don’t know about facebook?”. That was an eye-opener.

Mark Zuckerberg started this social network page when the time is right. After reading ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell, I understand a bit about how success are made. It’s the person, and it’s also about the timing. The internet public has already using My Space, Hi-Five, Tagged and all that. And when Facebook came into being, the market is already ripe for the taking. I remember one night when I heard my cousins were talking about their MySpace account and I asked them what is their facebook account. They looked at me in a weird way and say: “Bukan facebook tu untuk orang orang tua ke?”. dusshh… I felt old at that time.

But time has changed. I have no statistic to back this up, but Facebook is the major Social page. I like it because it felf right. The users are matured people. The other social network is more towards younger kids. So it’s just a play place. But in FB, you can find your old pals. From schools, Uni and also those from your village. It’s a great tool. If you use it wisely.

This movie is about the founder: Mark Zuckerberg, who in his dormitory, in 2003,  managed to start a revolution. It’s about how it started and how people were suing him for it. I thought that Mark is a cool guy. I mean, he’s cool, but never thought that he’s also a nerd. He was played by Jessie Eisenberg who does look nerdish and always play that part.

I don’t really understand the mumbo jumbo of the legal battle that happened in the movie. Just a bit. You wonder whether Mark endorsed this movie. He did not actually involved with the making of the movie or met the actor, though.

Good movie.


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