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More quotes! December 6, 2010

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Law was made for one thing alone; for the exploitation of those who do not understand it – Bertolt Brecht
–> one of the lawyer jokes. Being a legal student in the past, of course I’m interested in quotes like this. I know that many common people are not comfortable with lawyers and legal gobbledegook. The most harsh I’ve ever heard is this: what do you call ten lawyers tied together at the bottom of the sea?
Answer: a bloody good start!

No one will make a lock without a key. Similarly, God won’t give problems without solutions. -Alena Lynn
–> I’m sure to use this quote to boost someone else’s spirit. But it really is hard sometimes to find a solution.

Menstruation, menopause, mental breakdowns -> most womens probIems begin with men.
–> rather not comment on this one. I post it here I like the wordings.

Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it gets you nowhere. -Glenn Turner
–> one of my fav quotes! Been saying it for many many years now. Now I can credit it to Glenn Turner whenever I say it.

To forget easily is a gift. Let go of your past mistakes. Make a fresh start. -Yeong-ha Kim

To forget easily is a gift. Let go of your past mistakes. Make a fresh start. -Yeong-ha Kim
–> a positive spin to say by those that forget easily like. Tho in my case, instead of making fresh start, I’d be making fresh new mistakes!

Spongebob: “What do you usually do when I’m gone?” Patrick: “Wait for you to come back.” Friendship!
–> isn’t that just cute?

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
–> i haven’t come to the realization that Einstein is talking about here. But I kinda understand it a bit. You would have to read Harunyahya’s take in the Matrix movies to begin to understand it.

The tongue has no bones, yet it breaks bones. -Greek Proverb.
Tongue never broke my bones yet, but there are incidents where it broke my heart.

It’s easier to stay silent than to fake a smile. –> oh how true. Sometimes I hate myself for giving a fake smile. Because I know that I really really hate what’s going on and what someone said that forced that smile, but I have to smile anyway.

Apologizing is like whiteout. It covers up the mistake, but it never totally goes away. –> but sometimes it’s the only noble thing to do. Let’s try not to make mistakes in the first place. But easy said that done.

The world most beautiful sentence: “But I love you.” The world’s most painful sentence: “I love you but…” -Vea Mariz. –> have you said any of this before?


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