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My girlfriend’s boyfriend November 6, 2010

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 5:35 pm

I thought that this movie is just another romantic movie. It is stated as Romantic Comedy but I failed to find the comedy part, though. Yeah, there’s this bit portion about the brother of the heroin, but it’s not that funny.

The heroin is Jesse, played by Alyssa Milano. You’d know her from the old sitcom ‘Who’s the Boss?’ and lately, the ‘Charmed’ series. you can’t missed her. And the hero is Ethan, played by Christopher Gorham. You’d know him from Ugly Betty and Jake 2.0. Familiar face.

They met in a cafe, a normal ‘boy-meet-girl’ situation and hit it off. But a few moments later, Jesse, the girl also met another guy and they also hit it of. It seemed that Jesse is two timing somebody here. And I thought she’s a nice girl and all. And she is nice. Ethan is a struggling writer, who has big dreams, but still not there yet. And this other guy is a suave, successful guy, a world different from Ethan. But I find myself rooting for Ethan. May be because I’m familiar with him or may be because he’s like the underdog and you gotta give him some face, right?

I keep waiting for the moment when Jesse can’t juggle them anymore and there’s bound to be a scene when the two boyfriends would meet and boy, that would not be pretty. But the movie continues with Jesse two timing these two guys. I said to myself: “What gives?”.

But at the end, it’s a little twist. Had to spend a few seconds thinking it back. Quite good, Mr. Writer, whoever you are. It’s pretty novel. I couldn’t think of it along the plot. Really caught me by surprise. I like it.


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