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Useful and Favourite Software October 21, 2010

Filed under: Apple — visitor74 @ 4:55 pm

Thought of doing a community service by listing all my fav software. I’ll divide it into PC software and iPhone apps. Enjoy. Will update from time to time:

PC Softwares:

Foxit Reader: it’s a pdf reader. Usually people would use Adobe reader. But Adobe is such a huge file and it takes more power from the PC to use it. Foxit is so much simpler and the facilities that it gives is not bad. It’s enough for me.


iPhone apps:

Docstogo: This is one of the apps that I use to create Microsoft Word or Excel file from my iphone. But I usually use this to sync files from my PC to iPhone. I have a folder which I put all the current files that I’m working on and I can sync that folder to my iphone. So that, when I’m on the go and want to review the files that I’m working on, I can immediately find it in that folder. Nifty stuff. You have to install the desktop version on your PC to sync it. The synchronization is using wifi. Welcome to Apple world.


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