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Trapster July 3, 2010

Filed under: Apple — visitor74 @ 10:04 am

image861730212.jpgAnother app that I’m using now is to cheat the speedtraps! This is a community app where users would post the locations of speedtraps whenever they found it. This is turn will alert the other community members. Apart from that, we can also post accidents, construction site etc so that it can alert the road user any potential disaster.

I’m learning to understand how the reports were made because sometimes I don’t find the traps reported. Maybe it’s no longer there or there weren’t any to start with!

I did my part by putting in traps and accidents that I encounter. It’s a give and take thing. Hope this app will have more users so that the reports would be more accurate.

My worry is the traffic police would get to know about this app and they would post bogus information to mess with the info in the app. Hope not.


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