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Ahmad Bin Dom July 3, 2010

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image800603153.jpgI should have blogged this a while ago. Last two weeks, I’ve met my only grandfather that I’ve known my whole life at one of the auntie’s house. He looked frail and I don’t think that he knows me anymore. His health is deteriorating and I don’t know how long he would have.

Two days ago, atok passed away. In peace. He never had any major health problem throughout his long life and that’s interesting indeed. Yesterday I met two of his siblings and even they are still in good health. No one really knows what tok’s age. Birth cert didn’t help. Apparently people at his time just put whatever they thought they were born. Details were not important to them then. But according to his own claim, he was 89 just before he passed away.

I can’t really say that I’m very close to Tok and opah. They have 10 children and don’t know how many grandchildren. Don’t think anyone keep track after the first fifty or so. They also have a few great grandchildrens. A lot actually, come to think of it. Because they are so many of us, I don’t think that Tok and opah can play favorite to us. And even if he did, it’s not me.

But I remember during my boarding school days, I always make it a point to visit them on the way back for the holiday. It was not expected of me, but I like to spend the time at their home then. Tok and opah was always busy with their business so they just let me keep to myself. I guess I’m the only grandchild that ever does that. They were living just the two of them at the time and I thought that that I would keep them company.

Tok was a businessman. He was known at his town as Mat Sayor because he sells vegitable at the market. Everyone knows him, I guess. And a few other businesses as well, as I remember. His mind was sharp then.

But some years ago, an uncle took over his business with the ruse of taking care of him. Don’t think that works out well. It was like a retirement for him, so he did not have anything much to do. He wanders a lot and must have Teh Tarik at his regular hang out. Didn’t like to spend too much time away from home.

Lately he spends much of his time in KL with his three childrens. That’s when I met him three days ago. Though I know that it won’t be long before Allah will take him, but I wasn’t prepared for this sudden departure. I thought that we would have more time to visit him. There are families that didn’t have chance that I have. They were planning, but Allah has other plans.

Yesterday all his children came for the funeral. Though not everyone made it to the grave. I was there. I was one of the grandchildren that lowered him to his grave and the last to touch his body. Now I don’t have a grandfather anymore.

Tok, may Allah have mercy and bless you. I will always remember you.


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