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Of Simultaneous Orgasms and Other Popular Myths: A Realistic Look at Relationships by Haresh Shah June 24, 2010

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The name would suggest that this book is about sexual activities of the writer. I thought so too. That’s why I started reading it, he he. Just joking.

It’s a book about an Indian man who made a living in America and lived with (he considered it marrying eventhough they never tied the knot officially) to an american women. They had a daughter together and been living at it for years. But after a blissful semi-married life, she wanted to leave him and this book is about him studying why that happened.

It’s really is a story and his study about his life in particular and relationship in general. It’s about what transpired during the relationship and what he could have done better. He moved on, but he wanted to share his experience and ideas on what happens.

Relationship really is a pretty tricky things. When two person lives together, there a bound to be incompatibility. Man and woman, God really didn’t make them similar. There’s a lot of things going against the peaceful living togetherness, if you ask me. It’s like we are set to fail even when we started.

But if the two person would try to understand the perspective of the his or her spouse, then there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t expect that everything is hanky dory and bed of roses along the way. Hey, it’s not life if it’s like that. God gave us all these tests to see whether we can come out from it. And whether we apply the islamic way of life. Or whether we take the easy way out.

It’s interesting to read Haresh anecdotes of this life and what he thought contributed to the demise of his relationship with his partner. They have a different worldview. You would think that Haresh, being from India would have a more traditional way of life than his wife, but it seemed that it’s the other way around. He would have to be, because he worked at Playboy!

It’s a good read and made you think that there are potholes in the relationship business. Better to be aware of it rather than thinking that everything should be smelling like a rose.


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