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Duplicity May 28, 2010

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 9:50 am

image132055143.jpgA movie Corporate espionage and how far they would go to steal other company’s research instead of coming out with their own. It’s about betrayal to your employer in the worst possible way.

The movie stars Julia Roberts, the highest paid actress and Clive Owen, the stud from Britain. Who doesn’t know Julia from the hugely insanely famous Pretty Woman. But Clive though very familiar is not that famous for me. He just didn’t do it for me. Not much of an actor. He looks much brawn than brain, if you know what I mean. Even he said that he does much of his acting with his eyes instead of using his words.

Rather than using the title of Duplicity for the movie, they should have use ‘Deception’ instead because it’s in abundance in this movie. Between the companies, between the employees and even between the main characters in the movie.

When watching a movie, I would wonder whether it is happening in real life or not. Though movies largely based on fiction and make believe, some of it is based on real life and it is happening as we speak. That worries me. On how people would go to achieve what they want. How people would lie, destroy other people and steal with no regrets whatsoever.

But the movie was quite interesting. How they have planned to get the informations and the method that they used. While watching it, you don’t know whether they were planning on how it would turns out like that or whether they were caught with thier pants down. Much like Ocean’s Eleven kinda concept.

But the ending was not expected. I thought the the main characters had played thier deception rather well but it would seemed that they were outwitted and outsmarted by a better man. Cool!


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