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The Book of Eli May 9, 2010

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 4:05 pm

image83906342.jpgStaring Denzel Washington who gave a stellar performance like he usually does.

Again, it’s a plot set after human killed each other and left the world barren. After so many movies like this, you’d think that the leaders of the world would wise up and stop having wars. Fat chance.

Eli is the guy with last bible on his hand and he’s been instructed by ‘the voice in his head’ to deliver it out west. Amazingly, he’s been walking for 30 years to do so. Along the way, he passed along a lot of lawless people and he had to fight his way through. He got moves, I can tell you that. Denzel trained with Bruce Lee’s protege to prepare for the movie and he did the fighting scenes himself. What an actor.

The movie is set in a dark place. It’s not a nice place to be. It’s a world where people kills each other and it’s a survival to live everyday. It’s not a future that you look forward to.

It’s a story about protecting the bible and it might not suited well for Muslims, though. So please regard it as just a story. Story about a man who has a mission that he believes in all his heart and mindset to finish it no matter what.

Let’s look at The higher meaning of religion. As Dalai Lama said: “my religion is simple. My religion is kindness”. Let’s do kindness to other people. As Our Prophet said: love those on The earth, so that The One in The heaven would love you too.


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