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Old Dogs April 25, 2010

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 10:32 am

image1619354994.jpgI had the unlucky experience to watch this movie. I thought it would be good it starred John Travolta and Robin Williams. Robin was usually hilarious in his own kind of way. But not in this movie. It was a disaster. Probably all the good scripts got to other people and these two guys need to work. I mean, a man need to work, right?

Robin and joh in this movie has been friends for thirty years and they have a firm together and they were about to close a big deal with the Japanese. First of all, I wonder why a Japanese company would go over the board to engage an American company to represent them? Don’t they have those kind of firms in japan? Well, probably time has not changed. After the world war and when japan was crushed by the bombs from America, it was the American that went over there and set them right. In one way or another. At least thy was what I read.

And while robin or Dan in this movie is busy to close the deal, he was informed that he actually have two twin children that he did not about and he has to babysit them for two weeks.

You can imagine the plot already. First he would be a disaster with them but you’d know that in the end, he will make it right.

There are not much funny moments at all in the movie. I was totally dissapointed with that. There’s not much to learn either from the movie. I hope they would stop making this of movie. Seriously.


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