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Yes Man December 13, 2009

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another movie played by Jim Carrey. that crazy guy.

this one is an interesting one. what if you have nothing that’s stopping you to say ‘yes’ to everything. i mean everything. that would mean crazy things would follow, right?

and that’s what happened in this movie. Jim went to a seminar where the guy on the stage told him that he has to say yes to everything from that moment on. some people take advantage of him that way, but you know that there’s more to the story.

and he met this crazy pretty lady played by Zooey Deschanel that’s quirky and adventurous. and he’s one of the guys that never did those kind of things. but when he met this Allison, and he was forced to join her in her mayhem, his life change to be interesting.

you see, his wife left him a while ago, probably because he is boring and nothing was interesting about him.

i like to think of myself as adventurous sometimes (nothing dangerous yet) like going to interesting places, trying out new food and drinks. and learning new things in general. i don’t want my life to be a boring existence. and this movie reminds me to try a lot more other things. that sometimes it would be to our best to say ‘yes’ eventhough it might not be something you use to do. because you never know what would turn out to be.

so let’s get adventurous. say yes when somebody asked you to go somewhere that you’ve never been before. and when someone ask you to try to eat something new.

some trivia that might interest you:

While filming the scene in the bar where Carl runs into a waitress and falls on his back, Jim Carrey did the stunt incorrectly, fell to the floor harder than he expected, and broke three ribs in the process.

Jim Carrey performed his own bungee jump stunts.

Jim Carrey declined an upfront salary for this film. Instead he will be paid 36.2% of the film’s profits.

Based on an autobiographical book written by Danny Wallace, a British author, producer, and journalist who spent a year answering “yes” to any given question or proposal and recording the results.

Jack Black was originally considered for the lead role. nasib baik dia tak dapat. somehow i believe it would turn differently kalau Black yang berlakon. Jim is better for the movie. adalah rupa sikit.


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