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Thailand Bangkok December 13, 2009

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last weekend i was in Bangkok. from Friday to Sunday. stayed at Pratunam area, hotel Ecotel. quite a good hotel. not lavish but it’ll do.

my visit to Bangkok coincide with the birthday of the King. they had a big event over there. i guess because they don’t have independence day to have a big celebration, so this is it. the biggest celebration ever for them. once a year. the official color to wear on that day is pink. don’t know why.

they really love their king over there. one guy told me that they respected the king because he did a lot of good to the country. and that he is really a good king. you can see that it’s true the way they celebrate.

i experienced riding the Tuk Tuk. now that’s one vehicle that roams and weave through the traffic like they own it. i gather that it would be faster to get anywhere by Tuk Tuk. not sure whether it’s cheaper, though. they tend to fleeced you. on our first day, the tuk tuk that we ride brought us to a jewelry shop so that he would get commission. i was forced to buy a wallet. it was made from stingray. can’t complaint though, it is rather good. and then he brought us to a tailor in town where i was obliged to make a suit. again, can’t complaint. i could use a tailormade suit and it is rather nice and probably cheaper if i had made it in Malaysia. but the fact that the tuk tuk got commission for the visit means that i had to pay more than i had to for the items that i bought really bugs me.

another place that i went to is the Chatuchak market. man, that place is huge! crazy huge! it’s a weekend market. i don’t think that i’ve been to a place that big before. and we have only managed to visit a small portion of the market and even that has tire us. it’s a shopping haven for bargain hunter. and ladies, i guess. since we’re only guys so we just zoomed in to get things for people back home and finish the visit.

we’ve also visited the palace. but since it’s the celebration and there are too much people over there, we can only see the outside of the palace.


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  1. Josh Says:

    Tuk Tuk will take u to place where they benefit from it. Use excelsior in Bangkok for clothing and MBK first floor for jewellery.

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