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2012 Movie November 16, 2009

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another fun day at the movies. watched the new blockbuster at the premier cinema at Berjaya Times Square. I believe that this is the first time that I got my food ordered and set during movie time. what a cool idea. should have does this sooner.


back to the movie. was looking forward to it. it’s about the possibility that the world is going to an end. again. remember that movie when earth was about to be hit by giant meteor? this time, there are no solution to it. the world is flooding. and we can’t do anything about it. they just have to let it be. and live with it. or actually to die with it. but they and when I mean they, are those in powers, arranged to build modern day Arks in the desert of China. probably for the cheap labors. they should have labelled ‘Made in China’ on the arks…

it’s also about a family which defied all odds to be included in the list of those people that got their names onboard. the protagonist is played by John Cusack. one of the actors that i like to see on film.

I can see the innuendoes between this movie and prophet Noah a.s. the water is again the enemy. and they built arks to save mankind. they also shipped animals so that there would still be animals around when they disembark. and one of the kids in the movie is named Noah. coincidence?

but as i recalled, the flood during Noh’s time did not happened to the whole world. because it would be impossible. something that got to do with gravity and all. and it would not be fair to punish the whole of mankind whereby only the people of Noh that did wrong.

i am a bit worried with the outcome of this movie. there’s this thing called Mass Consciousness. when a lot of people imagine something, it could become a reality. and this is scary thing to happen. the destruction of the world is something not to be reckon with.

but my belief is that the qiamah would not come in the new future. traditions say that it would come at the time when Allah’s name is not uttered anymore. the name is like a distant past to the people at that time. that they kinda heard it before but not sure what Allah means. at the moment, we still have good muslims around, right?

but then again, Allah can decide when He wants to have the end of time.


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