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I Love You Man November 14, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 11:45 pm

just watched a hilarious good movie. it’s about a guy that’s about to get married and finding out that he didn’t have a best man for wedding. because he didn’t a best friend. and he went out and searched out for it.


got me thinking about who my best friends are. I remember Man from primary school. he’s a bit pycho now that I think about him. we didn’t keep in touch after I went to boarding school. the last time i met him, he claimed that he’s a gangster and offered to make me his lawyer. I don’t have many friends to start with from my hometown. and when I went to school I seldom see them anymore. and when I do, there’s not much to talk about with them. different mindset and different game we were playing then. so nowadays when I got back to my hometown, it’s just to meet my families. my parents were careful with whom I friends with. so I didn’t mingle with the wrong crowd. so I guess that contributed to my well manered attitute.

and I got some best buds from secondary school. the best would be Hairul. he’s my sidekick. then we split after school. went to different uni. sad to think about it though. we always together during school. I go to toilet a lot and going to toilet at boarding school at night is kinda scary. you’d never know what you can find. he’s my wingman for that. never complained when I waked him up in the middle of the night to keep me company. now we have different lives altogether. the only connection is we’re on same FB together.

that’s the problem with guys. we don’t keep intouch like girls do. no mobile at that time and guys don’t do letters.

got a group of friends from uni. some I do keep in touch. some works together with me. but with families and other commitments, it’s hard to keep in touch. and hang out together.

one need friends that you can hang out with. that you are free to be yourself with. that don’t judge you too much. that you hope will be there during good and bad times. it would be nice to have someone to talk about life and religion in general and keep advising each other.

now I do have some friends that we met along the ways. wish they live nearby so that it would be easier to meet up.

I started watching the movie and wonders whether I do have good friends. but now that I think of it, I do have those that I would be proud to call them my friends. you guys know who you are. I won’t say ‘i love you’ though. that would be creepy.


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