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blood. the last vampire November 14, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 8:13 pm

thought that it would be a good movie. been looking forward for the movie. I guess mostly because i saw it on the display at the movie rental shop that I went to. you’d thought that they would put good movie marketing up there. but it’s just a not so good movie. feel bad about saying this. considering that all the actress and the crews worked hard at making it. they have ‘making of the movie’ as special feature inside the DVD. so I knew that they worked hard at it. but it’s not good enough to get a star rating from me.

I was looking forward for the fighting actions. there were some of it and at some moments it was interesting and enjoyable. the choreography was nice. the movie live up to it’s name. there’s blood everywhere. the killing just didn’t stop. killing the vamps were like slicing watermelons for Saya, the leading actress in the movie. it’s like the life of those people or vampire were meaningless.

they could have done better. I think the low quality of the CGI gave it away.

trivia: Koyuki who played Onigen (the motha vampire) is the leasing lady in the movie the Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise.



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