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Papadom October 30, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 11:54 pm

have you seen this one? oh my man, I can’t remember a movie, and a Malay at that, that can make laugh and later cried. this one is a keeper.


every father should see this movie. it’s about a father who spent too much time away from the daughter during her childhood years that he didn’t see her grow. and when he lost his wife, he wanted to repay back his mistake the only way he knows: by taking care of her, all the time. and I mean all the time. even at her school and even when she went to college.

of course the daughter felt that he was too clinging and gave ultimatum to him: either cool it down or she won’t go back home. he promised.

but he later reneged on the promise. going to the distance of pretending to be the gardener of the college where was studying. this is the funny parts. how he tried to protect her from oncoming guys that want to take advantage of her.

that’s how he thinks that he can showed his love for the daughter. dan memanglah seorang bapa atau lelaki In General tak tahu nak menunjukkan rasa cinta kepada perempuan dengan kata kata tapi mereka menunjukkan dengan cara mereka.

lastly the daughter understand what her father is doing. that what he did was his way of showing his love. that was great scene where she had made a short movie about that.

go catch it if you haven’t.


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