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phuket trip October 7, 2009

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For the good sales that we had last year and this year, ensured a ticket for me for the partner summit at Phuket. I know that by saying phuket, it doesn’t sound like a business trip at all but rather a ‘fun’ searching trip. But i tell you this, we spent almost all of our time in the seminar room. they really want us to know about their products.

I had to travel alone from KLIA because i had to delay my flight from the planned time because had to attend an important meeting beforehand in KL. It’s not fun to travel alone because i always have the fear that i might be late and miss the flight. So it’s pretty stressful event for me.

Throughout the day, had to endure the long boring presentation on the good things of the products. the master of the ceremony at one point asked me to talk a bit about the latest successful sale. Come to think of it, i’m the only participants that has been asked to do that!

The food is not half bad. Not sure about the halalness of the meat, i had to maintain almost a vegan diet throughout the stay. It’s not that bad, because there are many to choose from and i’m not that hungry.

but on the last day, managed to visit the infamous Patong beach. not very interesting really. lots of people and skin, but no attraction. at least i can tell people that i’ve been there.


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