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Bekam October 5, 2009

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today I tried bekam/cupping/hijamah at one of the bekam center – Akubekam. the one in taman tun.

i’ve been wanting to try cupping for a long time and today i got round to it. it’s not exactly cheap, you know. for consultation and treatment for one hour, for me and wife, sets me back for more than 400 ringgit.

the main reason for me to try it is because of sunnah. it is one of the medical treatment that the prophet employed and suggested to his ummah. it gives me a lot of motivation to try it.

furthermore, it involves blood. it’s the lubricant of life and i’m sure we need to keep in check. the idea of cupping or bekam is about taking old, dirty blood from the body. those blood contains toxic and it should be taken out to leave only the good bloods circulating in the body.

i’ve known about the akubekam center for while now. it looks professional and clean and i’m sure that the are using steriled equipments. the doctor that started the center has done extensive study on bekam and it shows.

before this, i’ve tried bekam angin before where they deal only with a small element of the toxin in the body which is wind or gas in the body. but i know now that the bad bloods need to be taken out.

i need to go for another session next week to complete the treatment. then, the next session might be another 6 months time or a year later.

let’s hope that the treatment works and i’ll be a healthier person soon.


One Response to “Bekam”

  1. Musaab Says:

    Well, you should visit their website and recommend to others: http://www.akubekam.com

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