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Mak Long Tan September 22, 2009

Filed under: Diary,Family — visitor74 @ 6:29 am

tadi beraya kat rumah mak long. dia sepupu mak. membesar bersama mak sebab during my mom’s childhood, mak long’s dad took care of her at ipoh. so she is close to mom.

rumah kat ipoh was one of the memories that i remember fondly. mak long sort of an academic achiever ( not sure to what degree ) but she does have interesing books. i can trace back my interest of self help books to her collection of that range of books. i guess i did ‘borrowed’ some of her books without her permission.

mak long now is between jobs. she likes to do small business and one of the thing she likes to is teaching. she is doing it small time at the moment, but she would love to open her own tuition center.

she also a good writer perhaps. she wanted to write a book about her late mother but she never got round to it. i asked about it today and she explained that to write the books factually, she might have to spill some beans and open the skeleton in the cupboard and so she thought better not. or if she could find a way around it.

i like because i feel like i can have an intelligent conversation with her.


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