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iftar office September 17, 2009

Filed under: work — visitor74 @ 10:01 am

malam tadi kami iftar dengan keluarga syarikat kat Soi 23. interesting place. cosy dan tinggi. kedai high end Thailand.

it’s breathtaking to see that the family has grown larger and larger by the year. kalau dulu sikit with core groups, now we have problem even recognizing some of the staff! new people come and sadly, some good ones also left.

cuti dah dekat sangat ni. slow sikit kalau ramadhan ni. tambah pulak dah dekat raya. malam balik lambat jugak sebab siang takleh nak makan, so banyak meeting pindahkan ke malam.

still we are looking to get more projects that awaits. puasa and raya shouldn’t put us off from working to our maximum capacity. don’t think that it was intended like that. in term of work, kena sama jer. cuma ibadah kena tambah sikit.


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