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Barbell May 25, 2009

Filed under: workout — visitor74 @ 4:35 am

i now have a barbell. or curl bar actually. the arsenal for my home gym has increased.

I like it when people ask me where I workout and I say that I have a home gym. that impressed people a lot. I guess they imagined that I have all the gadgets that a gym would have. the expensive machines, the steps etc.

in actual fact, I only have a basic gym. a stationary bike, which is not mine actually and because it’s very old, I seldom use it. only for a bit of cardio. a stability ball, you know, the one big ball that you sit on. that one can do wonderful exercises.

I have dumbdells which is the most important thing because most of my exercises involves dumbdells. and I have a chinup bar which is also important to exercise biceps and back muscles.

I have exercise mat because I need to have cushion to exercise on. and what else? I guess that’s it.. not very impressive but not too shabby either, right? there’s just a few more things that would like to have but those a just additional things that add to the workouts that I’m already doing.

so it doesn’t mean that you need expensive things to start a home gym. I used to go to the gym but that days are long gone now. really can’t keep up with the work routine that I have.

but now I think i’m getting wiser in choosing the workouts that pumps my blood to the max. I can have a good one even when i’m doing it in front of my TV (killing two birds with one stone here) and doing it at 12 midnight.

yes, sometimes I only have that timeslot because I got home so late. but if that day is workout day, then I would go for it.. provided I have enough energy left. no point to muscle it if it would jeopardize me.

as my favourite fitness quotation would say: no pain, no gain. more pain, insane.


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