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Angels & Demons May 21, 2009

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another instalment from the books of the controversial author Dan Brown. this supposed to be before the movie Da Vinci Code because he wrote this book first.

though i’ve read the book, but because it was a while ago, and I don’t remember the details anymore, then i can enjoy the movie like a person who does not know the storyline.

it is a wellmade movie. i like to know the inside rituals of organizations such as the Vatican and such, so this is a treat for me.

the movie is set during a time when one pope is dead and they are looking for his replacement. the process is told in more details in the book, I believe. but the graphical details in the movie is breathtaking. with the sculptors and the paintings in the movie. i wonder whether they shoot the movie at the real vatican city.

being a muslim, of course i cannot appreciate the signifcance of the rituals in the process in the movie. but i’m impressed with the details and the hardwork put into it.. and to know that the process is a tradition that took hundred of years in the making. it’s always the tradition, right? never departs from tradition no matter how unfit it is to the present time.

briefly, it is a story about a religious man bent on keeping his belief of the religion intact.

to him, science and religion cannot cooexist together. so because the current breakthrough is on the verge of proving that both can come together and existance God can be proved scientifically, he arranged for the killings of the religious leaders and blamed it on Illuminati, claimed to be the bearer of science. hence, he aimed at futher separate the science proponents and the religious people.

now, he is a good man in term of religion. i mean, he is a priest. but his way is way wrong. it reminds me of a quotation: “all throughout the ages, good men will always do good things and bad men will always do bad things. but for good men to do bad things, now that takes religion.”

we’ve seen it everyday. whether christians, muslims or otherwise. because they believe that what they are doing is for the good of their religion, they go ahead with it. and they dragged their religion through mud. what a sad state.

there are some quarters that believe that Illuminati or the Knight Templar or better known as the Freemason still exist and that they control the running of certain government. you need to read harunyahya’s writings for that. google him. haven’t read his materials quite a while now. wonder whether he’s still around.


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