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Ong Bak 2 May 18, 2009

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Watched Ong Bak 2 yesterday. remember the old one? this is long time coming. with the same central figure but entirely different story and timeline. this movie is set during the Ayutthian era. where might still rule the day.

tony jaa is the name of the actor. and i checked online, it seemed that he is also the director? is he gifted or what? i thought that he is too young to be a director. and he seemed a soft spoken and don’t have much to say. but he sure is a fighter. the fighting scenes in this movie, like the first Ong Bak, is crazy. action all the way. very artistic. i used to be martial artist a long time ago, and shudder to think if I had the bad luck of fighting with a guy this fast. perghhh.

the hero in this movie had the bad luck of losing his parents at a young age. being killed by a mysterious man in black. he was later brought up by a group of pirates (but they are not pirates at sea, funny) that are skilled martial artist and he growned up learning all the skills. he is close to the head of the pirates and he considered him a father. he was even appointed as the second man in command.

but the pain of losing his parents skill boils in his heart. so he has to finish that first. so he went away for a while and killed all those men. and what a crazy fighting it was. even when you think that he is outnumbered, he still can maneuver his way through.

but towards the end of the movie, we found out that actually the guy that killed his father is actually his adopted father! how do you handle that?

my beef against this movie is how it ends. apparently this movie is a sequel to another movie and you can only only found out what happen when the next one is out.


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