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i’m a blogger? May 18, 2009

Filed under: Monolog — visitor74 @ 4:00 am

I don’t know whether I can be regarded as blogger or not. i like to think so. okay, let’s not put the bar too high here, let’s call me a blogger, ya? albeit a secret one. i think that very few people are reading my blog, if any all.

blogging phenomena allowed a lot of aspiring writers to write and gripe about a lot of things. they are those people who are otherwise would not have the chance of having their material in print. now it is so simple to have our writings to the world. just with the click of a button. so scary, isn’t it?

like a knife, blogs can be used for the good and also for the bad intentions. it is so easy just to believe what is writte, right? i mean, if it isn’t true, people wouldn’t write it, right? errr.. not sure.

i like to google reader to put the blogs that i followed. mostly political blogs, because real life is funnier that fiction.

and there are a lot of blogs that just detailing what the experience during their life. but because they can string their words together and in a nice way, it is easy and interesting to read. hey, Seinfield made millions just sharing his story ‘about nothing’. by the way, i still love the reruns. the same goes to the sitcom ‘Friends’.

with the rate of blogging phenomena is going, in a few years time, all of us is going to have their own blog.


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