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sidang tempoyak May 10, 2009

Filed under: Interesting — visitor74 @ 1:59 am

apalah nak jadi dengan ADUN negeri aku ni? macam macam cerita sekarang. takeover yang dijalankan adalah ala ala sidang kat korea. aku ingat kejap lagi adalah orang bertumbuk tu. i hope it will not to that. buat malu jer orang tengok.

what this has done is to increase my low respect to the politicians. and i may not be alone in this. what i saw is a bunch of powercraze people bent on getting power no matter whether they will have to bulldoze the normal etiquette and public decorum.

if any of them reading this, i hope that they would concentrate on taking care of the people that have elected them. and remember that all the things that they are doing will be asked in front of Allah went the time comes.


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