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updates May 6, 2009

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 8:42 am

it’s 12 midnight and just woke up. malam semalam buat tender and stayback kat office. so hari ni balik, lepas maghrib terus tidur. Kalau Sebab tak makan punya pasal, dah tidur terus dah.

it’s not nice sleeping at the office. and i think that i got a not so nice dream. Bukan nightmare, cuma tak interesting jer. can’t remember what it is.

Abah still macam tu jugak. the doctor still determining what it is he’s having. that’s what i hate the most about western medicine. they don’t really know anything much. much of everything is guesswork only. and they treat our bodies like machine. like the spleen is not really connected to the heart etc. but in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, get got it figured out. they might not really know the insides of what’s happening to our organ, but they can come up with a solution. for example, if you’re sick on organ A, then they would increase the strength of that organ so that nature will take its course and repair itself.

had a good workout with road skipping a few days ago. you start with 50 and then 75 and you increase 25 until 200. then you make your way down till you get 50 back. in between the sets, rest for 30 seconds. in total you’ll be doing 1550. my calf still sores.


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