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Mindfulness May 2, 2009

Filed under: Monolog — visitor74 @ 8:29 pm

The Zen has a proverb: When walking, walk. When eating, eat.

Such profound teaching in so simple words. Briefly, it means living in the moment. Which is very very hard to do. Try it if you can.

I remember someone remarked about how children play about. “Children have no past, nor future. They live in the present, which few of us do”.

All throughout our waking hours we remember and play over and over in our minds about the things that we did and how we could have done differently and about the things in the future that we worries about. Don’t know bout you but that’s what plays in my mind all the time. All the time. And the guilt and the worries merges together to give you feeling of uneasiness. and that made me wish that I have a much simpler life instead.

My life mode is on multitasking mode. I could be doing one thing, and doing or worrying about another thing. I know and understand the power of concentration but with everything’s seems important at the same time, it is hard to proritize.

And I daydream a lot. I would remember and go through the past mistakes that I’ve done and replayed the events many many times to see whether I could have done it differently. Such a waste of time.

I hope that I can start to live in the moment. I pray Allah for his help.


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