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Fight your way to better body April 26, 2009

Filed under: workout — visitor74 @ 12:59 pm

here’s the torture for the month:

1. Judo Pushup (it really seems like Bomber pushup – another type of pushup)

2. Crossover stepup (a kind of stepup but with a bit of twist, really, a twist)

3. Leaning Shoulder Fly 

4. Medicine ball Pikeup – had to use the bouncing ball because I still don’t have a medicine ball

5. Mixed grip chinups

6. Swiss ball wall squats

7. Around the head plate drill – you have to see it to understand it

8. Boxer’s dumbbell speed twist. 


most of these exercises are normal exercises but with a twist to make interesting and target different part of the bodies. I don’t get to do a lot of that though, cos there’s so much work to do this month.


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