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Californication April 17, 2009

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Now crazy about this series that never made it to Malaysia: Californication. Just take out the word ‘Cali’ to get the general idea of the film. 


Hank Moody

Hank Moody



It stars David Duchovny, famously known at Fox Mulder of the X-Files series. In this movie, he plays cool writer, who has a major writer’s block and get to meet to a lot of women. And I mean a lot of em. And somehow most of them, falls for him. But Hank only has his heart for his almost-wife, Karen. They never marries, which is regretted by Hank almost all the time. They have a lovely intelligent daughther, who sometimes have a rather dark/gothis style because she likes to play in a band (she plays guitar).




Hank with Becca

Hank with Becca




What I like is the dialogue that Hank has with his co stars. He got the best of lines. And the co stars which has grown on me. Like his agent Charlie (and his quirky wife Marcy), his pain-in-the-ass follower: Mia, his strings of one night stands, his friends and others. too much to mention at the moment. 






But this is more than 18SX. I hope that it would not make it to Malaysia. There would be a lot of bashing from all quarters and I hate when that happens. And I don’t think that the general malaysian can handle this kind of series. Igronance is bliss, guys….

Me now almost finishing season 2.


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