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Imam Abu Hanifah April 4, 2009

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Downloaded and went through an audio on the venerated Imam Abu Hanifah. This is an example on how you can use internet for goodness. there are a lot of sermons that you can download and you can do like me: hearing it during the boring drive everyday and turn your car into ‘university on wheels’.

Some salient points that I remember from the audio.

Hanifah is not his real name. That comes from the word Hanif. Something like that. 

Imam Hanifah started learning islamic knowledge rather late in his life. he was into business at the time until a learned man met him on The street and said that he has the gift of knowledge.

Then he started as Ahli Kalam. Basically a man that goes about defending Islam in public because at that time, there are a lot of forces that used to debate against Islam and there are people that joined the debate to defend islam. But he later departed from that group because he saw that it made ones heart hard and cold and that he did not like that. 

He spent at least 18 years studying before he gave his own teaching. 

Obviously he very pious and very careful with his deeds, especially with his business. He continues to do business where he would go to his shop in the morning and take care of things before leaving it to his staff and partners to take and he went to study or to teach. 

He repeatedly asked the Caliphs to become an official judge but he never relented. Because of the tyranny of those Caliphs. To the extend that he was beaten, imprisoned and later poisoned.


That’s all that I can remember from the audio that I heard. I’m sure that there’s a lot more.

Can’t help but to compare the difference between their live and ours. We should take the example of what they were doing and try to emulate them. no matter how small. It’s better than nothing.


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