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Slumdog Millionaire March 10, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 2:13 am

this movie has been getting very good review and when i finally got to watch it, it really step up to the plate.

a story about rags to richest. but not ordinary rags and no ordinary richest either. it’s the worst rag – to be living in the slums of India. where people take advantage of you and where sometimes to survive, you have to do things which you as kids might not understand and it’s sad to see the things that the kids in the movie has to go through.

but don’t you think that Jamal looks like a truthful boy? he looked like a kid with a pure soul. you see, he loves this girl he met from the slum when the were kids and he still looked for her when he grew up.

it’s a bit tragic actuallybecause his brother not exactly a nice boy. he’s more of a gangster type. and that puts Jamal in a difficult position more than once. sure, he’s the one that take care of Jamal while they were kids but he messed around with bad kind of people and difficultty arises from there.

the end of the story revolves around the famous reality show: who wants to be a millionaire. Jamal joined the show because he thoughtthat Malika would see him and find him. somehow he knew the answers to all the questions that were asked to him because of the significance of some of the history. like about what Ramai hold in his hand, the movie amitabh starred in and who invented the revolver.

But my heart bleeds for the like of Jamal and Salim who had to endure the harshness of life in their young age.

india is a harsh country. one of the lines of Jamal: “if it’s not because of Rama and Allah, I would still have a mother.” now that’s one part of the movie that i detested and wish that the writer would have more tact than to put it in. but the irony and the truthfulness of it didn’t escape me. so it’s not because of God, but because of the interpretation of God and religion by the people that tarnished the image of religion. so sad. this line were not included in the cinema version released in Malaysian and for good reason. i known about it because i watched it in DVD.

the love of Jamal to Latika has no bounds. he kept looking for her and wishes for her meeting with her. in the end, love triump.

in the adversity, still there are rooms to find love and happiness.

no wonder the movie got the awards, it’s the best movie last year.


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