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Rise of the Lycans March 2, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 6:52 am

I have always like the underworld series. it was the first movie that i watched on DVD and how i was impressed with the quality of movies on it. And kate Beckinsale really sweetened the deal.

This movie follows the other successful series like the Starwars, Batman, James Bond and some others. they go back to the beginning. it’s like they started in the middle and when they found out that people does like em, let’s show them how it started.

Set in a fortress and looks like a dungeon, Bill Nighy does his best as the vampire king. don’t you just love his style? so impressive with his blue domineering eyes and crisp command to his underlings.

As usual, when one group of people enslaved one other, it’s never goes down well. the upper one will always misused the other and the other would always bid their time when they can give their revenge.

The hero is played by an unknown to me Michael Sheen and lady interest was by Rhona Mitra. I think I’ve her played a hot lawyer in one of the lawyer series. It’s the story about emancipation and to rise above the predicaments that life gave you. it’s about having passion about something. about loving someone that you’re willing to give your life. so that she’s safe and you can live with her.

it’s about two groups that started to fight and have wars with each other. for centuries. reminds me about the wars and feud between Aus and Khazraj. they have been at war for so long that they forgot what they were fighting about in the first place. and it might have been petty things that started it. but men it seems, like to fight amongst each other. may be for the fun of it. and Hollywood would always be there to retell it back.


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