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Butterfly effect February 27, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 5:57 am

What if you could go back in time to change all the wrongs that happened in the past? Oh how I wish this is the case with me now.

This movie told about 4 kids that grew together, and apart, in later life. This is because the led a messed up childhood. What with a sex craze father, then a really really messed up kid and that eventually turned their whole life upside down.

This reminds us that childhood phase is a very sensitive period for everyone. The consequence of a bad upbringing can be devastating. The pain could be lasting. And what if we can change that, and hopefully change the consequence? Now that would be neat.

And so Aston Kursher (Mr Demi Moore) set to do just that. He found out accidentally that when read his childhood journal, he can go back to that time that he was reading and set out to change it. Because he knew the bad effect of that incidents to the future, he tried to change that particular outcome.

But he found out that there are multiple consequences arise out of that. Things that can be out of his control. Remember the prime directive of Starship Enterprise in Startrek? They will not interfere with the lifes and going ons of the planet that they visited. They merely observe.

Interfere. That’s such a bad word, right? The best policy is not to interfere. I try not to interfere in other people’s life. Sorry if i have in the past. But then again, I really like to know the secret of other people. Can’t help it. Curiosity kill the cat, right?

So when the consequences were bad, he went back in time to make sure that it’s the outcome that he wants. this is no more second chance. This is multiple chances!

There were a lot of times that i wish that i can change my past. May be not long ago, probably a few weeks back would be enough.


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