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Le Tour February 15, 2009

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 1:56 am

As I was leaving home today, I can’t get to the main road. Thought there was accident so I pulled to another exit.

Later I found out that, you guess it, the bikes was going through my town. How bout that. Never watched it on or care anything about it, and here it is, in front of my eyes…. and blocking my road. That’s not good. not good at all.

But I would never had the chance again to watch this. It’s a lifetime opportunity.I don’t even know that LTdL is on already.

The length of the road in front of me is actually the sprint time so if I blink, I would miss them. But here they are.

update note: my wife noted that the road was repaired a while ago, probably because of the Ltdl. I think that that was one of the good outcome from LTDL. May it pass through all roads in Malaysia.


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