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Rule No 2: Don’t Trust your Friends June 20, 2008

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Rule 2: don’t trust your friends

Now here’s one dictum that’s hard to accept and follow. Who would you trust more? Isn’t it your friend? Especially the ones that you know for a long time and might be indebted to your kindness in the past.

But how many stories that we heard how a close friend stabbed another? We thought that it happened to other people, never once harbor the thought that it could happen to you. making it more painful when it really happens.

Truth is, we’ll never know what will happen to other people. Yes, he’s your friend now, but you might cross him accidentally without you knowing it. god is the ‘muqallibal qulb’ – membolak balikkan hati. One day he’s here, the other he’s over there.

And the book propose that we befriend our enemy. Once we do that, the enemy would be indebted to us and they are better than friend.

I could not be so ruthless as to forget my friends. The most that I can do is to be careful with them but I like the idea to turn the enemies into friends.

This book is about people that are t the top that should take care of his position. Luckily i’m not that guy. Yet.

The book said that we normally would appoint our friends as our assistant or helper. That’s normal. But the most important thing is to hire the right man for the job. Sometimes even an enemy is a better help. Because they want to prove themselves.

And it is good to have enemies, Greene said. That way, they’re keeping you on your toes. I’m not sure that’s the way i would like to run my life, though. Always on my toe. That would tires me easily, with me, it’s the easier thing, but that’s only me.


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