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Moving to Sg. Buloh February 8, 2008

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Istana TakeshiRumah Paya JarasWe are moving to paya jaras today. It has been days that atie been packing things without my help. Sorry, honey, been busy with works. And you know how bad I am with houseworks…

The family helps minus lutfi. if you know him, his social skills almost comparable to a vermin. But things got speedier with them around.

I’m moving with mixed feelings. It will be a lot further away from office. And i’m not goo at getting up in the morning. But I like the idea that I would have more time traveling. I would have more time to memorise quran, read yassin and hear islamic talks while driving.

The house would be huge. Taking care of it would be nightmare. But it would be nice to stay there. The atmosphere is better, like a kampung environment. Traffic is bad, though when we get to the main road.

I like feeding the fishes in the pond. And later catching them and having them cooked fresh. Nothing beats that. I hope that friends can come over and do things together. It’s a nice place to lepak.

We still have to rent out the condo. My mother mentioned that she didn’t visited us over there. I hope she would visit us at paya jaras.

the move went smoothly. We booked for a 4 tonne lorry but what cane is a 5 tonne lorry! We thought that is more than what we need. But as we put everything inside, there’s not even enough space for one trip! We had to use it again for another trip! We ended up paying 550 bucks for the delivery. All the movers are indian. So we do have issue with communication and their smell, he he.

Yesterday we were at mak long’s klang for her birthday. It’s fun. It’s always nice to be with the families. This is on the side of my father in law. They like to have gatherings that would bring everyone together.

The pak unku mentioned that he’ll be getting 1.7 billion! This is from the treaure chest of the investment my his ancestor, Raja Abdullah. That was probably hundred years ago. This has been topic of discussion between me and pak ungku. He likes it when I asked about the development of the claim to the swiss bank. Apparently Raja Abdullah saved his money over there. He seemed to be a great businessman. The famous yap ah loi was actually his staff if we can take the story to be right.

There are other claims which I hate mention here because it would sound more incredulous and even harder to believe. The money it was said that it would be around in april. I can’t wait. surely there’s more than enough to go around. 1 million each perhaps?

I wonder and wonder. There’s a lot of things that I can use the money for. I would never work again. Bit I would need to invest it. And get some oney every months to cover for the expenses. Then I can continue my study, help my families etc etc. Anything to get odd work is fine with me. Or we could expand the business further. I like a retail industries better. Or manufacturing. We’ve been in the trading business for so long.


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