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Viral Fever January 15, 2008

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 5:26 am

i’m staying at home today. got MC because i have the fever. been feeling since yesterday but i went to work because there was an important delivery to customer yesterday. this is the first time that they are buying from us. and i hope that everything goes well. so far, so good.

went to clinic after work yesterday. i’m having diorrehea and i’m afraid that this would be a problem. i’ve eaten almost nothing since yesterday because don’t feel like eating and it will go straight out if i do.

the doctor that i saw is nice ans spent considerable time explaining what i’m experiencing. my wife said it’s the difference a good doctor and a bad one.

yeah, i really hate when i see a doctor and they don’t have a good bedside manner. if i can’t help it, i would go to another doctor because of his treatment. it’s sometimes the way they greet us, the way they responded to our questions and their general wellbeing.


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